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Sample Data

Diver sample counts for reef fish species. To download, select a region and year then click download. Available as comma-separated values files (csv) in uncompressed form or compressed zip files (reccommended).


  1. PRIMARY_SAMPLE_UNIT: A code indicating the primary sample unit in which a sample was collected.
  2. YEAR: A number indicating the calendar year.
  3. MONTH: A number indicating the month of the year.
  4. DAY: A number indicating the day of the month (EST).
  5. STATION_NR: A number indicating the secondary sampling unit within a given primary sample unit.
  6. LAT_DEGREES: Latitude of secondary sampling unit in decimal degrees.
  7. LON_DEGREES: Longitude of secondary sampling unit in decimal degrees.
  8. DEPTH: Average depth, in meters, of secondary sampling unit.
  9. UNDERWATER_VISIBILITY: Visibility, in meters, at secondary sampling unit.
  10. MAPGRID_NR: A number indicating the primary sample unit.
  11. HABITAT_CD: A code indicating the habitat type.
  12. ZONE_NR: A code indicating the distance offshore: 1 - Inshore, 2 - Midchannel, 3 - Offshore, 4 - Fore-reef.
  13. SUBREGION_NR: A number indicating the subregion.
  14. MPA_NR: A number identifying the marine protected area in which the sample was collected. Zero indicates unprotected status.
  15. SPECIES_NR: A number indicating the species for a sample.
  16. SPECIES_CD: A code indicating the species for a sample. Consists of the first three letters of the generic name and the first four of the specific name.
  17. LEN: The length, in cm, of a sample.
  18. NUM: The number of individuals of a given species and length observed in a secondary sampling unit.
  19. TIME_SEEN: A number indicating when, during sampling, an individual was observed. 1: In the first five minutes, 2: From 5-10 minutes, 3: After 10 minutes.
  20. DEPTH_STRAT: A code indicating depth stratum
  21. ADMIN: A code indicating administrative zone
  22. PROT: A boolean value indicating whether a sample was in a protected area (1), or not (0).
  23. STRAT: A code indicating the stratum in which a sample was taken. Differs by region.
  24. REGION: A code indicating the region in which a sample was taken.
      DRY TORT----Dry Tortugas
      FLA KEYS----Florida Keys
      SEFCRI------Southeast Peninsular Florida
      PRICO-------Puerto Rico
      STTSTJ------St. Thomas and St. John
      STX---------St. Croix
      FGBNMS------Flower Gardens Bank National Marine Sanctuary